Clergy / Clerical Collars

B&H Shirts supply a full range of Clergy / Clerical Collars, in a variety of options to suit your own preferences.

We have exclusive rights to distributing the fabric Clergy Collar within the British Isles, these are the identical clerical collars to those available in Rome i.e. from Barbiconi, Gammarelli etc. but at a better price, plus you do not have to wait until your next trip to Rome!

Our range also includes “Full” Clergy / Clerical Collars collars known as “Permanent” cloth collars. These collars do not require starching or specialist laundering. They have proved to be very popular and are a must if you do not like the plastic version or do not want the hassle of starching your clerical collar, these are much nicer and are extremely easy to look after, just wash with your whites, dry and iron.

We also have a range of cloth collar bands, cloth Tonsure collars, and single ply cloth collars.

We also supply a superb plastic clergy collar made by Hammond & Harper of London.

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