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In addition to clergy clothing, clergy shirts and cloth clergy collars (in both men and women sizes), we supply top quality collar studs, cassocks, vestments, and priest stoles, priest shirt, and collar. We also have a large selection of high-quality mass and altar linens in various materials.

Please peruse our online shop for your clerical shirt and Clerical collar requirements. If you have any special requests or questions please get in touch, we will do our best to assist.

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Should you be searching for ’Clergy Shirts for Sale’ then look no further than BH Clerical Shirts and Collars. We have a wide range of clergy shirts for sale throughout the UK. Our clergy shirts are made from the highest quality materials. We put a lot of effort into bringing you the finest clergy shirt, from the choice of cloth, the buttons, the finish and so much more.

Refine your formal clerical attire with our collection of high quality clerical shirts, in a range of colours and styles to fit your needs. BH Clerical Shirts and Collars provide a quintessential British design in a selection of traditional and contemporary shirt styles.

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We offer high quality clerical/clergy shirts and cloth clerical collars on the market. A lot of effort is put into bringing you the finest clerical shirt, from the choice of cloth, the buttons, the finish and so much more. As a small company which specialising in the Clergy shirt and Clergy Collar segment of the Church Supplies market, based just outside of Norwich, we have the backing, resources and the experience from its parent company for clergy shirts supplies, that was established back in 1888 which has been supplying clergy shirts for men and women ever since. After listening to some of our customers feedback, we believe some of the reasons you should choose us for clerical collars include:

  • We offer a wide range of clerical collars and shirts across the UK
  • A friendly and advisable team should you ever need us
  • A number of years experience in the Clergy Shirts and Collar industry
  • A fantastic team with the knowledge and passion for our products
  • Competitive prices across all of our ranges

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When it comes to buying clergy shirts online, we have made it easier than ever. With a few simple clicks you can order a range of clergy shirts and collars. Offering a range of heights at competitive prices, there really is no reason for you to shop online anywhere else. For more information on the range of clergy shirts we have to offer, or if you are in need of advice on which clergy shirts to buy then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today.



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