Fair Trade

Although our products are not yet Fairtrade certified, B&H Clerical Shirts UK still do believe in Trading Fair. That means that we pay a fair price to our suppliers who, in turn,, pay a fair price to their employees and their own suppliers.

Making a difference

We believe that it makes a difference to the lives of the machinists, their families, the farmers, cotton producers and their communities. We do this, not to be fashionable but to be fair to our society and our environment and have been doing so for many years.

We believe that charity also starts at home

One of our major suppliers, for over thirty years now, employs many people who are in an unfortunate situation who cannot leave their homes and are unable to go to a factory to work. An industrial sewing machine is installed for their use in their homes, the necessary materials are delivered and picked up on a regular basis. This enables the unfortunate person the dignity to be able to make a living themselves, not depending on others.

We do not need to go very far, these things happen on our doorsteps!