B&H Clerical / Clergy Shirts & Clergy Collar Shirts

B&H Clergy Shirts and clergy collars were normally available through outlets, retreats and at meetings; they are now also available through the internet via this B&H (Clerical) Shirt and Collars online shop.

Clergy shirts and Clerical collars world wide

Through this internet site we are able supply clerical shirts and clerical collars worldwide and have been doing so for many years and have  built up a very good reputation. We were in fact one the first to establish sales via the internet and have since been followed by many others, it is often that we lead and others follow!

One of the finest on the market

Our clerical/clergy shirts are among the finest on the market, a lot of effort is put in to bringing you the finest clerical shirt, from the choicest of cloth, with high quality buttons, a fantastic finish and so much more.

A large selection of Clerical Shirts

Our clergy shirts are available as follows:

  • The Tonsure shirt also known as Vatican Shirt
  • The Tunnel shirt also know as Tab Shirts
  • The Tunic shirt or Neckband/Grandpa shirts
  • The Civilian shirt
  • Normal collar shirts
  • Custom clergy shirts

All shirts are available in short and long sleeved versions

We now also offer a wide range of MDS “Cotton Rich” clergy/clerical shirts,

Customised Clerical Shirts

We able also to supply customised clerical shirts and collars, if you wish a virtually made to measure shirt, we can assist, French cuffs, with or without pockets, even white cuffs on a black shirt, no problem, just ask us!

Different coloured clerical shirts

The clerical shirts are available in several standard colours i.e. Black Tonsure Clerical/clergy shirts, Black, Lt Grey. Dk. Grey, Bishop’s Bordeaux and three shades of blue Tunnel Clerical/clergy Shirts, Black, White Tunic Clerical/clergy tunnel shirts, black, white classic or civil shirts, not forgetting our dark blue denim clerical tunnel shirt - we were the first to bring one into the market.

Constantly improving the clerical shirts and collars

To be able to constantly improve the comfort and design of our products, we listen to the feedback from local priests, vicars, to the leading bishops, so please if you have any suggestions or wishes please do not hesitate in getting in touch.

We offer a top product at a decent price!

In making our products, we must not forget certain factors; a very important one is still the client’s comfort and the finished look! And of course our clients conscience! It is not just the sale of the clergy shirt or collar.