Clerical/Clergy Shirt and Clergy Collars online shop:


Welcome to our B&H Clergy/clerical shirt and collar online shop, optimised for mobile devices to ensure an even better purchasing experience, I think you will find it easy to use and a great improvement over the previous version.


Regrettably, due to the extremely volatile exchange rates, prices will fluctuate on a regular basis.

Pure Cotton Clerical Shirts

You will find, the B&H "finest" long and short sleeved Clerical/Clergy shirts made of 100% "2 fold High Twist Cotton" giving you that special feeling of pure quality cotton. You will see that our selection includes Tonsure shirts,Tunnel shirts,Tunic Shirts and Civil clerical shirts. Our clerical shirts are cut generously, colour fast and extremely easy to look after.



Cloth Clerical Collars:

Fabric Clergy Collars

Our product selection also incudes The B&H Cloth/Fabric Clergy/Clerical collars that do not require starching or specialised laundering.

MDS Cotton Rich and Pure Omega Cotton Clergy Shirts

We also have the pleasure in announcing that we now stock MDS  "cotton rich" Clerical shirts and Pure Omega Cotton shirts . The reason is, we were so impressed by the quality of the MDS Clerical shirts that we decided it would be the right product to extend our range and to include the MDS Collection. The Cotton Rich MDS shirts are extremely well made, colour fast, comfortable,  generous and it's hard to believe that they are not pure cotton. Please visit the special offers or look for the MDS Clerical Shirt Collection

New items are constantly being added to our selection, such as  Church linen, which are of fantastic quality at a unbeatable price.

I think you will find that we are in fact one of the best, we look forward to serving you soon.